Saturday, November 27, 2004


What's wrong with this picture?

A bit of a discussion is going on over at the Beat Gear Cavern over this one. If you believe Christie's, this is the SG owned by George Harrison in the mid-60's and used both live and in the studio by The Beatles. There is still a bit of controversy as to whether this guitar actually is said guitar (unlike the Beatles' Rickenbackers, the serial number of the SG is unknown, and the chain of custody is unproven. Harrison was of course known for giving guitars away, witness the rosewood Telecaster, but since he supposedly gave this to the late Pete Ham of Badfinger, the interesting detail emerges that Badfinger had several SGs of this vintage and appearance, so therefore although this may likely be a Badfinger-owned guitar, there's no definitive proof that this is the Harrison guitar that may have been given to Ham).

It's a fair bet that the only person still alive who could give a reasonable opinion as to whether this was indeed George's guitar is Neil Aspinall, and I don't see his name mentioned on any of the authentication paperwork. Given some of the Badfinger history, I doubt Joey Molland would be enough of a disinterested party to authenticate the guitar.

So, giving Christie's the benefit of the doubt and assuming for the moment the guitar is indeed the Harrison instrument (its most famous moment probably being "Paperback Writer"), what's wrong with this picture? Based on gut check and previous guitar auctions, it's a fair bet that this guitar would go for at least half a mil. So why in heck is this clod carrying the guitar in the street sans case as if it were a broom?


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