Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Yogi Was Right

Kerry has had the good graces to concede, and we must be magnanimous to him for finally being a gentleman and a patriot. No doubt he was egged on in some of his more egregious actions by the left wing of the Democratic Party (Department of Redundancy Department) and of course being from the "Vote For The Kennedy Of Your Choice" state, he had certain expectations to uphold. It's over. Credit the man for trying.

We won. And you know something, when even Putin says we did the right thing, you know we've got something going for us. God bless the USA and those who love freedom.

And of course, I look forward to tons of new real estate listings in tony LA and Malibu neighborhoods as the celebrities pack their stuff into containers and head for what they perceive are greener pastures. I have just two words for the Streisands and Baldwins of the world - Philip Nolan


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