Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Hey little travelin' band....

Ahh, the vagaries of road warrior-dom. Get to the client, unsurprisingly although everyone's screaming that this needs to be done, we find that they don't have their stuff together, and it'll take them at least another 10 days to get everything ready to move. Meanwhile, I get to sit around and wait for them to produce at least some documentation so that I know what I'm up against. I had at least one minor amusement today when someone talked about data replication between data centers and the data volume to be moved around at the close of business was thought to be a number whose logarithm (base 10) is about 11.33. Needless to say said data centers aren't within range of dark fiber and the current connectivity is a pair of DS3s, that's going to take 6 hours, and the windows just aren't there. Fun, fun, fun.

Usual hotel-isms to annoy you. They stick the road warriors on a lower floor with lots of door slammers and night owls to keep you awake. Unconscionable charge for high-speed network access, which Respected Employer refuses to reimburse. (Respected Employer uses groupware for much functionality, therefore high bandwidth is essential unless you feel like playing the "will the modem drop the session" game or waiting for somewhere along the time it took to settle the War Of The Roses for our own data to crawl over the analog pipe). Oh well, I guess I'll just have the hotel breakfast tomorrow instead of a Dunkin Donuts #2. I hate cheapskates.

Till tomorrow. Faversham..... (one of my favorite obscure gag references)


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