Sunday, December 12, 2004


I can speak Esperanto like a native

My cold is worsening so I'm going to head back to bed in a few minutes, but I did want to mention that I started taking a look at the Focus Live In America DVD. I naturally skipped directly to Hocus Pocus, and to put it mildly, I was disappointed. Thijs Van Leer is there in all of his jolly Eurognomeness (he actually looks like an aging hippie version of the hangman in the Clint Eastwood spaghetti western "Hang Em High"; funny enough, Akkerman looks like Robert DeNiro nowadays), sitting behind a B3. Obvisouly, the rest of the band isn't remotely related to the classic lineup of the Moving Waves era. Without too much ado, we'll directly address the new guitarist, Jan Dumee. Other than sharing a givien name with Mr. Akkerman, there's no comparison. He's playing what looks like an old Gibson Ripper (picture an el-cheezo Les Paul shaped body with a bolt-on neck with a Flying V headstock, and a propeller-shaped pickguard that extends over most of the face of the instrument) through a relatively recent full Marshall stack (in other words, one of the heads with two rows of knobs; one of my pet peeves - Jim got it right with the Plexis and the early JCMs, these new ones, feh). The performance was too fast, and Dumee just didn't get Akkerman's attack quite right. Van Leer did the yodeling and weird noises bits well enough, but the performance didn't seem to feel very together. I'll watch more later after the cough settles down, but so far, I'm not wowed by it...

Update 9:26pm - I took a look on IMDB and found that the actor that Thijs Van Leer reminded me of is named Bert Freed.


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