Friday, December 17, 2004


I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it

Finally a decent night's sleep after Chain Hotel Madness. I feel wefweshed.

Had dinner on Wednesday night at Legal Seafoods. Too much PC crap all over the place about renewable resources and all of how they're saving the world so that it can be overfished, but the coconut shrimp were terrific, and the mahi-mahi specialty was quite good. Reasonable enough under the circumstances, but they were very stingy with rolls, and they forgot my co-worker's raw bar appetizer. Reasonable wine list, too. I was very surprised at that; there was a very nice Gevrey-Chambertin on the list for around $40, but what kind of a philistine is going to have that with seafood? (For the record, it was Sierra Nevada for me that night).

I dropped in on both the Guitar Center and the local music shop I had found on the way home. The local shop was quite a nice little place, friendly help, they had a couple of nice Les Paul Standards there that looked quite attractive (one of the Standards had the Iced Tea finish, and the owner assured me that Henry & Company were quite consistent with that finish, so that's pretty much what I'm settled on - unless there's a gold top that really grabs me; if this guy can do a deal with me I might just pull the trigger on that one when I head back up after New Years). Good selection of amps, no "zoid" stuff, just a nice selection of Marshalls, real tube Fenders, and a couple of Voxes. And a couple of good Gretsches as well, including a Tenny reissue with a "Tennessean" pickguard (I thought only North Coast had those still). Guitar Center was well, Guitar Center. I hit them at an off hour so a salesman immediately zeroed in on me. Their Les Paul selection was pretty pathetic, a couple of decent SGs, but the oddball was a new Gibson Korina Explorer with a split V headstock (like on a Dean) for ten grand. Unreal. There's an Orville (Gibson Japan) Korina Explorer up on eBay now at around $800, and I'd venture that the various Korina Explorer reissues from the 70s, 80s and 90s could be found for no more that $3K (based on a quick perusal of GBase). Henry's insane when it comes to pricing. I sort of have an itch for an Explorer (too much U2 on the MP3 player, I guess; then again, most of Edge's real classics are played on Strats), and the Epis with the Korina veneer are reasonable enough to scratch that itch.


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