Friday, December 24, 2004


I rant, therefore I am

The Honeypot Project claims that an unpatched Linux box connected directly to the Internet will last "several months" before being compromised. The PDF summarizing the data can be found here. Like the project researchers, I'm more amazed that the Solaris boxes (8 and 9) were compromised than the older Red Hat distros, but I was glad to see that SuSE hadn't been compromised. I was also pleased to see that Fedora hadn't been cracked, which given its end-user orientation might've had more avenues open for infection. I would've liked to have seen more detail on their methodology, which the article and PDF implies default installations for all the distros, but the overall question it raises is that is this merely because of a lower perceived value of the boxes to the criminals out there, or is it in fact a better inherent security model?


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