Wednesday, December 22, 2004


I'd Like To See The Subnet Mask On This One

An excerpt of a cease and desist letter sent to a hosting service regarding BitTorrent content hosted there, courtesy of the gang at Broadband Reports. Notice the third octet of the IP address. Since most of my attorney friends do things like house closings and estate stuff, I don't know if they'd feel this was material enough to blow this out of court. Gut check it isn't enough, but it shows a) how dumb the attorneys are and b) how venal the entertainment industry is to shut down a perceived threat even without checking their facts. Hint - if you put out quality stuff at reasonable prices and let people make a backup without going through convolutions you might not have this problem.

A letter to the editor in the new Stereophile summarizes it nicely. The entertainment industry can't have it both ways. Either the most important part of the equation is the intellectual property, meaning that replacement media should be provided at cost or on a minimal cost plus basis, or the media itself is more important, justifying a full value replacement cost, which means the intellectual property is worth bupkis.


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