Thursday, December 23, 2004


The lights go on and the roaches scatter

My painful excursion into bureaucracy and the wonderful world of work products is winding down, and it looks as anyone of consequence is disappearing for the holidays. We've technically got Friday off (Designated Holiday, you know) and Esteemed Client shuts down at noon on Friday (why they even bother coming in is beyond me), so with a little luck, things will remain at a low boil and the aggro meter won't act up again until January 3.

The bureaucracy actually worked well for once, resolving a minor administrivia issue for me, but another bit of bureaucracy has screwed up something else and it won't be addressed until after New Years. It defies description, save to say that of course it involves money owed me. Harbingers of T&E trouble are setting off my inner radar, but hopefull those won't crop up. Have I mentioned that I hate bureaucracy? And Process? (I really wish I had the Dilbert strip with Patty Process. Damn, that one had us on the floor laughing. Update - I found that strip in one of the Dilbert anthologies - it was from April 99. Don't know if I want to spring for it, although I'm tempted).

Last evening's tape du jour was an out-of-print jazz instructional video by Mundell Lowe. I've previously mentioned Lowe on this blog as one of my favorite jazzers, and unlike a lot of guitar instructional videos, there's a lot of cool stuff on here that's comprehensible and presented in a time-aligned manner. Lowe had a great band with him on the tape, including Sal Salvador on guitar. Darned shame that Hot Licks has let the Lowe tape, along with Salvador's and Charlie Byrd's go out of print. Arlen - there are people out there who aren't particularly moved by the shred metallers of the world; even us classic rock fans recognize the coolness of players like Joe Pass and Mundell Lowe. (The only downer was that I bought this tape off eBay, and unfortunately the seller had lost the tab booklet which came with the tape).


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