Saturday, December 04, 2004


Noise proves nothing; often a hen that has merely laid an egg cackles as she has laid an asteroid

Mr. Jackson's domicile has been searched again, and surely as the sun rises in the East there will be the commensurate denouncements, denials and other chatter from every party connected with Mr. Jackson who isn't covered by the gag order in the case. While Materfamilias Jackson's and Brian Oxman's protestations will be the predictable tripe they always provide the tabloid press whenever there is some newsworthy development in the case, this search brings up an interesting point. Unless you're a complete liberal naif, most people realize that judges don't sign search warrants unless there's probable cause, therefore there's either significant new evidence identified in the current case or there's a potential new case involved. The latter scenario is bloody unlikely unless Mr. Jackson, his family, staff and attorneys are so far removed from reality as to not watch his every move like a hawk lest precisely such an event occur. Ms. Van Susteren cannot summon such events to keep her gaggling crew of legal talking heads busy simply at her whim, therefore barring some spectacular misstep by Mr. Jackson, some information relevant to the current case has been developed and it requires a search to validate.

Speaking of Greta's bunch, I've already addressed my contempt for Gloria Allred in another piece on this blog, but the rest of them are utterly worthless as far as a reasonable, rational explanation of the legal issues involved to us laymen. The one attorney in the media who does indeed provide such explanations, very cogent ones indeed is none other than Ron Kuby. Say what? Kunstler's protege? The guy who's so far left he thinks Khruschev was a reactionary? Listening to him on the radio though, it's like a switch flips when an explanation of a legal concept or issue comes up in the conversation. He suddenly switches gear to an almost pedagogic approach toward explaining the concepts to the profanum vulgus, using everyday terminology to clarify and explain concepts. As much as I loathe the guy's political position, if he wrote a book on law for the layman, I'd buy it in an instant.

As for Mr. Jackson, innocent until proven guilty. But the concept of "where there's smoke there's fire" is going to irrevocably impact his non-passive income stream.


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