Monday, December 20, 2004



In my last post I got royally ticked off at the sales types who are making my life fairly miserable when it comes to Esteemed Client. I just had another type get involved, this one is a PhD, no less, who quote unquote manages the relationship. A phudnik is of course a nudnik with a PhD, an indicator of considerable academic achievement with usually a fairly low correlation with actual business and operational expertise (unless you're talking actuaries, HMO administrators and other similar forms of vermin). It's only 9:15 on Monday morning and I'm already aggravated by all forms of Relationship Management. Perhaps an empirical approach to clients would be simpler - if they require that much "high touch" that it impacts the ability of the people who actually deliver to the client to do so (and take away from delivery budgets so these clowns can walk the halls and schmooze), and if the client is excessively price-sensitive (as it's so euphemistically known) then perhaps a simple decision to not bother with that client for a project (or at all) might be indicated.

Then again, all of these sales and relationship types can quote Zero Mostel in The Producers verbatim - "I want that money!".

Any further intrusion on the part of sales or relationship management types on my routine today will result in their evisceration, impalement and potentially public ridicule.


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