Saturday, December 18, 2004


Proof Once Again That The News Media Are a Bunch Of Morons

I know, Department of Redundancy Department, but I just caught this one. The George Harrison SG was auctioned off yesterday, going for about $570K (I frankly expected it to go for more, and I sincerely hope that like the rosewood Tele, it's now back with George's family). However, the howler associated with this comes from In order to illustrate the story about the SG, they post a picture of Keith Richards playing an ES-355. Great logic here, after all, a Gibson is just a Gibson (right Henry?), and heck, what's the difference between a Beatle and a Rolling Stone? They're both skinny and English, right?

And for whatever it's worth, Keef's axe didn't make reserve at the auction yesterday.


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