Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Sniffling and Miserable Is No Way To Go Through A Customer Engagement

I'm busy trying to produce a Powerpoint for people who are completely clueless about what we're actually trying to do here, and we found out that (at least according to the docs) Veritas doesn't support JFS or JFS2 file systems under AIX. This may seem to be a stunningly irrelevant factoid, but has some interesting implications for what I'm trying to do here. A quick question to my local DBA about file systems here produced the tidbit that depending on the box's use, one or both of those file systems will be used. Oops. Nothing in the docs that it won't work, but the words "Not Recommended" are quite prominently displayed. We have a few database version mismatch concerns as well. My sneaking suspicion is that the database will come up fine, but the applications will break, big time. Oh well, at least the only thing we're charged with here is proof of concept. I stated from the top that I didn't want to go near integration testing. Oh well.

Status report's due Friday. It should be some of my funniest writing yet. Perhaps I'll post a sanitized version for your amusement, or at least the pithier excerpts.

Esteemed Client isn't a terribly bad place to work, but the security constraints make it difficult to get out for lunch, so we've been stuck in their cafeteria for lunch. Not one of the better ones I've frequented. Admittedly there's only so much you can do to a cold cut sandwich (although the cafeteria at my office in the Big Town frankly manages to louse even that up) but the remainder of the offerings are blah or induce gastric distress. Back at Stalag 13, we had a tame grill man in their cafeteria, so we always got something fairly reasonable, and the soups were good, but the grill man rotated out to another corporate client, and we were stuck with slop thereafter. I did better going down to the gyro vendor in front. I suppose I'm a bit on the warpath as there are only chain restaurants around here and only one really decent upscale place, but then again, being on our quote unquote meal allowance, we only can afford the Applebees of the region. Respected Employer's T&E types tend to scrutinize expense reports very closely.


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