Monday, December 06, 2004


Virtue has never been as respectable as money.

Mark Twain certainly had it right. Our friends over at Hinet (hosts) and Kornet (senders) bring me the spam du jour, the product itself being irrelevant, but the domain name warrants special mention for its offensiveness. The domain name? r a p e d r u g dot b i z. I shan't bother looking up the registrar for the name, but needless to say my contempt is equal for them as well.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. ISPs should block inbound port TCP 25 from Korea, Taiwan, China, Brazil and Romania. Outbound, block port 25 unless it's going to your known SMTP server. The interesting thing is that the Direct Marketing Association resists any anti-spam measure because it potentially infringes on their operations. Bull. If I get a catalog or flyer from someplace I'm not interested in it's usually inoffensive (and sometimes downright hilarious, my personal favorites being the holiday food catalogs that are packed with cheeses and meats with descriptions that describe the eating experience as being akin to something served in Valhalla).

Heading back up to Respected New Client today and will be on-site there for most of this week, so expect postings either very late or very early in the day this week. Oh joy. Several days of eating in restaurants on Respected Employer's idea of a per diem. For example, the per diem for Chicago is $37, which unless you're eating in a chain restaurant or diner is very easy to bump up against for dinner alone. Not to mention if you're in the hotel and don't feel like searching out a coffee shop or donut house for breakfast. Understood that lunch is fair game while on the road, after all, most folks don't brown bag it, so you'd be spending for lunch anyway, but there's a simple moral equation here. The road warrior is away from home, therefore he's entitled to some small compensation for the inconvenience and stress of being away from the family. They won't pay for the in-room movies, so is it so horrible to have a little leeway when eating out? Not everyone wants to eat at Applebee's or that sort of boite every night when on the road (in the case of a friend, who's a road warrior for another company providing DBA services for a particular business function, his food per diem on the road is ridiculously small, really only allowing for three meals at fast food joints).


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