Thursday, December 16, 2004


Winding Down On-Site

A couple of meetings this AM, then I'll probably be able to start heading home mid-afternoon. To be sure, Esteemed Client has some very nice folk working here, although they've got some seriously farked procedures (our client face-off has had to deal with the dreaded Internal Certification this week, driving her Cynicism Meter off the scale; plus they're a tad sensitive about things like laptops and cell phones with cameras). Esteemed Client is beginning the virtual holiday shutdown (they'll be closed from Christmas Eve till New Years, so everyone is preparing to hightail it out early next week to use up their "use it or lose it"), so there's no reason for us to be on-site next week (thankfully!). Sometimes conference calls can be a good thing (although in the case of Meeting #2 this AM, sometimes not so good. The person who set it up is a classic example of Genus Clueless, in that he makes a big huge deal out of this meeting, and neglects to send out a dial-in number. It should be fairly interesting when he does send out the dial-in, as he will undoubtedly use our toll-free conference bridge. Unfortunately, since it's an 800 number, there's no way for people outside the US to dial in. Guess where the honchos are dialing in from....)

I've located the local Guitar Center and a local Gibson dealer as well. I'll stop by both on the way home to see if any goodies tickle my fancy.


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