Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Yet another reason why the Sulzberger Entity is clueless and vile

The title of Sontag's obituary speaks volumes about the Times' perception of the vile creature who made a mockery of 9/11 - "Susan Sontag, Social Critic With Verve, Dies at 71". Verve. To me, "Verve" is the great jazz label of Stan Getz and Wes Montgomery (OK, OK, I know the Riverside sides were better, no flames please). It's five pages of HTML on their site, so it's probably a good chunk of a page in the dead tree edition, if not a full page. A few interesting tidbits in there, like how she championed Leni Riefenstahl (the interesting thing about lefties is that they fail to recognize the circular nature of politics, so the further they drift left, they come right back out again somewhere in the vicinity of Martin Bormann).

Interestingly enough, it appears that the new toy will in fact arrive today. Despite being in some indeterminate location at 6am after leaving Louisville at 4am, the latest tracking info shows that it popped up at 8:30 at my local UPS office and is on the truck out for delivery as I write this.


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