Sunday, January 30, 2005


Ability is commonly found to consist mainly in a high degree of solemnity.

I decided to post a squawk about Gibson's current weirdness over on Blogcritics. Nothing I haven't said here before, but perhaps it might gain a wider audience via Blogcritics, and at the very least it might start a discussion.

My frummie friend with the farked network stack is running at wit's end, so the job du jour is to blow away the personal firewall (I'm extremely nervous about this, as I well remember an uninstallation of ZoneAlarm on a previous High Altar here that totally hosed network connectivity. ZA couldn't do an in-place upgrade, but the uninstaller failed with a totally cryptic message, and I found that my IP stack was totally blown away. I reinstalled the old version of ZoneAlarm, and the box was back to normal. Since then I've been very nervous about personal firewalls. Better off buying a used PIX on eBay, if you ask me). If zapping the personal firewall doesn't work (it just might, as I noted that on der kinder's PC, the parental controls software had inadvertantly managed to blacklist Disney), then I'm going to do something a bit over the top - we'll install VMWare, and I'll ship an ISO of an OS over GoToMyPC to the recalcitrant box, and this way at least there'll be a working VM for browsing. I'm reluctant to reload the OS on this machine, but my delicate inner sense of danger is telling me that it's going to be necessary down the road. Have I mentioned that I hate Dell's OEM OS builds?

Another friend is calling me this AM with a simpler problem, trying to get his brand new laptop to talk to his shared printer at home. ZoneAlarm came preloaded on the laptop and of course it disallows all NBT by default, but said friend isn't computer literate at all, so it's time to be a good guy (I should mention that said friend has been a good friend for over 30 years, but he presently lives in Southern California, and for some reason cannot find a single local resource who can help him out without charging an arm and a leg).

Thanks to the reader for the response on the GMail invite, however, a friend of mine scared one up for me yesterday.


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