Saturday, January 08, 2005


A cynic is a man who, when he smells flowers, looks around for a coffin

Finally home, and thoroughly ticked. Needless to say The Sales Guy and his cohort called at late afternoon meeting on Friday, pestered the hell out of me, and then called me on my cell phone as I was trying to resolve a minor personal emergency (it was resolved, thank you) trying to impart his alleged wisdom into how we're going to manage our relationship with Esteemed Client (Respected Employer has screwed up an eight figure project with this client already. my project is three orders of magnitude smaller and is utterly inconsequential in that it doesn't touch anything related to production, or test/dev other than needing to use some LoadRunner licenses for a day or so). And you know what really ticked me off? These guys started bragging about their golf games and how they got to take various clients to some very well-known courses courtesy of our sales budget. Me, my handicap is a phone number, and I got out on the golf course once this year. These clods couldn't manage a relationship effectively and they get rewarded. Paging Laurence J. Peter....

Minor but costly annoyance, as when I got home I flipped on the High Altar and suddenly found a black screen. I quickly plugged in a monitor from one of the other computers here and saw that everything was copacetic with the box, but needless to say I had to make a quick and expensive trip to Local Retailer to alleviate that symptom. I'm more than a bit pissed that a flat panel monitor that was all of two years old gave up the ghost (of course it's out of warranty), but the new one is a bit bigger and cost less than the first one. Least it could've done was to fail before New Years so I could've taken the tax deduction for it....

Next annoyance concerns insurance. Young'un needed a scrip for a skin condition. Doc prescribes something, wife goes to fill it, and because they hadn't sent us the new privacy-enhanced cards it didn't go through. Wife asks what it would cost out of pocket. Local pharmacist quotes a price somewhere in the general region of what the Apollo 9 mission cost. Called prescription provider to get privacy-enhanced information that should've been here last month, and when we return to the pharmacy we find that the co-pay is around $100. Fuck formularies. I should note that my last year's medical/prescription coverage was eliminated by Respected Employer because it "wasn't making targets" (the same reason we don't get compensation adjustments or bonuses because of Arthur Anderson-style accounting) and the only plan Respected Employer offers with any sort of applicability to a family (unless you're willing to live with an HMO) is about twice the cost. I shudder to think what COBRA for this plan would be.

Since things'll be quiet tomorrow around here, I'll finally be able to finish Lex Live and write it up.


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