Friday, January 28, 2005


Cynic, n: a blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be.

Sales Guy loves to call meetings about Esteemed Client without checking if people have free time. Of course, needless to say the meeting has "critical", "important" and other opprobrious adjectives attached to it, with the dreaded "Action Required" header. Of course, if there was any follow-up on the part of the Sales Guy, we wouldn't be spinning our wheels waiting to find out what direction to take. Needless to say, at the moment that this meeting of cataclysmic importance (whose breathless announcement gave it the importance of Potsdam or at least the Kitchen Debate) I will be having my bum knee being looked at by an orthopedic surgeon, the appointment for which required pulling strings in order to be seen sometime before the next (insert astonishingly rare event here). Sales Guy of course immediately asked if I could reschedule said visit with the physician, and upon being informed of the circumstances asked if I would dial in from the doctor's. They're gonna love it in the X-Ray and MRI rooms. I'm unsure if I'll have a project after this meeting, as frankly, Esteemed Client is in a bit of a corner due to version conflicts and tool capabilities, and bringing them up to the correct versions is a job for a package implementation specialist (which I'm not; the package that's involved here is relatively easy to get running from scratch, but since decisions were taken years ago with this thing and configuration and architecture changes are involved, I wouldn't touch the conversion effort involved. As I've noted before, I know a lot of what is involved here, but the key package isn't my bailiwick). That's why I like network projects. Binary solution set. They work, or they don't. The problem and solution domains are neatly defined.

I'd classify this one as the howler of the day if there wasn't a tragedy involved. CNN reports that the suicidal individual who caused the train wreck in Los Angeles may face the death penalty when tried. Of course, it's the height of absurdity as that would be acceding to his wish, no? Then again, some of the last executions in this neck of the woods, over forty years ago, were in essence with "volunteers". Eddie Lee Mays, who was the last ahem, satisfied customer of the hot seat in Ossining, had a chance at a plea bargain that would've gotten him off with a second-degree sentence, but being a stubborn cuss, decided to take his chance with a Manhattan jury, which of course in those days was a bit more inclined to deal harshly with malefactors. And over in the Nutmeg State, "Mad Dog" Taborsky decided to live up to his nickname in court, and basically dropped his appeals, thus earning the right for his mother to note "You never saw such a beautiful electric chair like they executed my Joe in!".

I wonder how many commemorations of the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz were muted or muzzled in our institutions of allegedly higher education because it would (in the words of one particularly egregious example cited on Little Green Footballs) impair "dialogue" with certain parties (you know, the kind who think the Adnan is a real toe-tapper). Just wondering.


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