Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Did Edison Have Moments Like This?

It ain't gonna work.

Interesting concept for the project I'm working on here, except for one tiny problem. Some parts of the technology stack aren't designed for what we're trying to do here. Without going into a huge amount of detail, a transaction manager (I wouldn't dare call it a TP monitor) is the sticking point. No easy clean way to make it handle emerging business requirements with all of the distributed features the biz wants. However, the idiot sales guys merely think this is a single-tier issue (it most certainly isn't, as there are at least three tiers of this application impacted by this transaction manager) and they decided to sell it using a buzzword du jour, we've got to come up with some way to make it happen. One of the vendors involved has one tier with the necessary functionality, but that rev of the tier doesn't officially support some of the technologies involved. Since there's a multi-vendor situation here, finger-pointing is sure to ensue. Gut check is to say, it isn't going to work, leave the buzzword technology alone until every party involved is ready to support it. Sales guys aren't going to like it. We could put hundreds of hours into an integration effort just to test for a proof of concept, but there's no guarantee everything will work. And I don't have hundreds of hours worth of budget.

Common sense dictates a hasty retreat. Conference call with Sales Idiots tomorrow. Let them make the call on how to proceed. Then again, if I told these guys they needed to instantiate a veeblefetzer on the box, they'd sell it.

Probably no post until Friday AM, as I'll be heading home tomorrow evening.


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