Saturday, January 22, 2005


Dolor Et Labecula

A seriously screwed up knee is sidelining me today, yet I've got Daddy's Taxi Duty plus band rehearsal, so I'm going to take it as easy as possible. Orthopedist can't see me until Friday, so I'll have to exist on ice packs, Naproxen and such until then. Ugh.

For sheer amusement when you get on the phone with Tech Support, if the CSR introduces themselves along the lines of "Bob from Memphis" and has only a hint of an accent, ask them what they thought of the Yankees' performance in this year's World Series. Just like smoking out German spies in those old WWII movies....

Took a test drive of a Bimmer 325xi yesterday on the back roads here in Whitelandia (as Ron Kuby would say). Rather nice, felt very tight, and a definite possibility, but not much elbow room on the price, at least at the moment. The Proprietor is toying with the idea of a new car at the moment, and the other two top choices on the list are the Audi A4 and the Acura TL. I know, I shouldn't be considering a Feiglinglandwagen, but to be brutally honest about it, there isn't a single American sports sedan worthy of the designation that I like. Last American car I owned was a Grand Cherokee, and that needed a new transmission at 61K miles (conveniently after the warranty on the power train expired); not an unknown phenomenon with that marque, but still majorly annoying. The BMW is a definite possibility, as the dealer is within 15 minutes of me, the salesman was honest and not unctuous, and the service department was so clean you could eat off the floor. I'll do my due diligence, but I gotta say that I was impressed a bit.

I've been experimenting with BlogExplosion to try widening the audience a bit. To those new readers, welcome.


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