Friday, January 07, 2005



The week finally approaching a deserved end, I'm taking my leave of Esteemed Client until Tuesday AM, as we need some vendor support to try and kludge around some of the problems we have. Needless to say The Sales Guy is insisting on a meeting at 3pm today to give His Exaltedness a Status Update (which if he hadn't farked up the account in the first place and was so sensitive to anything happening there wouldn't be required). Esteemed Client as I've noted isn't terribly bad, just they've got their own fires to fight and my project, which to be brutally honest about it would probably've never happened if it weren't for The Sales Guy mutching the client constantly, is a really low priority with them. However, a buzzword's involved, so The Sales Guy must push his Assigned Solution Set (an acronym that fits perfectly). A year or so ago, there was another Sales Guy who popped up into my normally uneventful life (ha!) and wanted to push Linux and another buzzword to Seriously Big Investment Bank, where I happened to have some minor connections. This guy (actually, for a Sales Guy, not a bad sort) kept referring in meetings to the "sitch" at the prospective client, and after a while I had visions of Dune dancing in my head (yeah I know about the missing 'e', but this guy was clueless and I needed some diversion to the incessant drone).

I have mentioned I hate business travel. It seems that my preferred lodging establishment when visiting Esteemed Client is no longer preferred by Respected Employer, forcing me to either lodge in another Chain Hotel nearby of lesser quality, or drive 15 or so miles to a place of sufficient quality. I'm firmly of the belief that if you've got to send your staff traveling, let them stay at very nice places and don't nickel and dime them. The idiots who send the road warriors off don't worry about things like strains on family life and homesickness, much less making it comfortable for the traveler. And then of course, it's a very good idea on the part of these betriebsverwalters to send people traveling in the height of cold and flu season, make sure they've got a hacking cough when they get home so as to keep them from actually hugging their loved ones.

I'll finally post a Glass Hammer review tomorrow. I'm too pissed today.


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