Monday, January 10, 2005


I've had great success being a total idiot

On the minor good news front, we've gotten the OK to work from home this week in lieu of on-site. Sales guys and various other lower forms of life are having a meeting to decide how to proceed given the fact that things likely won't work (hey, it isn't our fault, there's a vendor finger-pointing situation here. Not to mention that this is a really, and I mean really low priority for Esteemed Client).

Could be worse, as I could be entrapped into a long-term gig in the heartland. Not that the heartland is a bad place at all, but not knowing whether the client will agree to a 3-4-5 schedule (3 nights, 4 days on-site, 5th day at home) leads me to visions of late flights home on Friday, (with plane changes, yet) or worse and not getting home until well after everyone's gone to bed. Not acceptable.

We shall see if the aggro level rises tomorrow..

On the G.A.S. front, a bit of research has shown that the best price on a Gretsch 6122SP is available from a fine dealer in the upper Midwest (I bought my Gretsch 6119-62HT from this very dealer). I played one of these wonderful axes over Christmas week and fell for it, but as fine as the shop I tried it out in is, they're $200 over the Midwest dealer's price, not to mention the sales tax. Even with shipping it comes out to well over a $200 savings, and unless they're willing to accept an e-mailed price (not bloody likely) it doesn't seem as if I'd go with them, unless there was a (ahem) logistics question (read as sneaking the new toy into the house).


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