Tuesday, January 04, 2005


A Quick One While He's Away

I seriously hate being on the road.

This hotel's Internet connection alternates between unbelievably slow and merely painful, although about once an hour it actually becomes usable. It's an 802.11b connection, not terribly fast but then again, I'm only just checking mail and posting quickly from here, so I can live with it for a couple of days. This is about the fourth time that I've tried this since knocking off work, and this is only the first time I've actually gotten to the posting page on Blogger. I've no idea if Blogspot's been having issues today, I haven't checked the site logs yet. Slightly annoying is that even though I enabled authentication based on my MAC addy on this cockamamie gateway for the few days I'm here, it just wants to keep reauthenticating me through the intercept page.

Hotel seems to be a bit quieter than the other one, although not quite as nice. Room's OK, but small.

Kept myself amused before dinner by watching "Team America" on the pay per view. Good stuff, although not always on the mark; sometimes the cheap shot jokes just misfired, but I guess it's the South Park humor. The homage to the Thunderbirds was indeed palpable, the scenes of Team America relaxing in luxury before and after missions drawing a big laugh from me, and Spottswoode (sp?) was a dead-on goof on Jeff Tracy.

Dinner was at a National Casual Dining Chain. Amazingly, the service was excellent. The expense gnomes should be happy, as it wasn't even that expensive. Selected only because of its proximity. I'm beat and I don't feel like driving all over the map, and the dining options here are much more limited than the other hotel.

Late posting again tomorrow, as Honcho has flown in for tomorrow's meeting. I've got the Lex Live DVD with me, so perhaps I'll finish it up and do a review, otherwise it'll have to wait until Friday. Got about 40 minutes into the concert, same impression as before. Lots of Yes and ELP-inspired licks. So-so audio mix.


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