Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Random Gruesomeness

Other than an annoying Quicken bug that for some insane reason ignored two paycheck deposits when I was reconciling my last month's bank statement (which had been dutifully entered by me), it was an utterly quiet day Monday (Expressions of thankfulness emit here). Some assistance needed to be rendered to a friend's computers, and it was a doozy - WhenU, Blaster and CoolWebSearch - and that was on the good computer. I shudder to think what the quote unquote bad one looked like (Update - I'll find out on Thursday evening. Deputy Droopalong here has been shnookered into fixing these puppies).

A rather busy day today, but relatively quiet on the stress front, thank Providence. If anything pops up I'll report on it later. There was an article in the Forward I toyed with the idea of dissecting (and actually had my commentary in draft mode here) but I wasn't terribly happy with the way it came out and just didn't want to waste anyone's time reading it (I wonder if there's a Cialis equivalent for eloquence; I suppose I'll get that when my annual review happens next week, although I'm sure the venom will shine through).

Check back later, as something funky might pop up...


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