Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Saint: A dead sinner revised and edited

We note that the United Nations' solemn commemoration of the Holocaust was attended by only half the member nations, and that the usual attempts to equate Jenin with Maidanek were cheerfully put forth by those member nations who have nothing better to do than bait Jews while their own populations rot in poverty, misery and filth.

We also note that a Hindu association in Britain is trying to re-legitimize the swastika, ever so gingerly reminding people that it was merely a symbol of good fortune up until certain recent unpleasantnesses. They face some resistance from the European Union, which wishes to ban the swastika, except when duly authorized and promulgated by its members. I actually learned the difference between a Hindu swastika and the hakenkreuz long ago (Hindu hooks point left, Nazi hooks point right), but I've seen flags on Indian merchant ships that to the uninitiated look very much like the hakenkreuz flag (dark solid background, white circle, swastika in the middle, although the colors fortunately are never red and black). They've got a wee bit of an uphill battle.

On the prurient front, we note that Deborah (better slash formerly known as Debbie) Gibson will be appearing in Playboy shortly to promote her new album. I'll actually admit to a certain fondness for her debut album, a nicely crafted piece of 80s pop fluff that had some cute songs, and I felt for her at the Atlantic Records 50th Anniversary show, where she took some heat from the audience who wanted nothing more than to see Led Freakin' Zep already (to be fair though, she kind of brought some of it on herself by not having just her sing with the band, but by bringing out Male Dancers Of Questionable Sexuality as part of the stage show; an audience such as that will have little patience for the pop stagecraft tomfoolery). I give Ms. Gibson credit for at least partially writing her tunes (and she's a credible piano player as well), so she's not your typical pop tart (every time I see Madonna with a guitar I'm reminded of that bit on Saturday Night Live when Steve Martin did King Tut and a Telecaster was flown down on wires so that Martin could hit a few triplets of an E chord). For some reason, I imagine that I will enjoy this layout far more than the recent Denise Richards pictorial. Oh, don't get me wrong here, Ms. Richards is quite pulchritudinous, but the pictorial was so artificial and forced it was a complete waste of time and money to look at.

I should note that I read Playboy very infrequently. Usually only when there's something seismically interesting (look, I may be a conservative, but Ms. Richards was cause enough for any red-blooded heterosexual male to at least peruse the article). The unfortunate thing is that there hasn't been a great interview in Playboy in decades, IMO. The William F. Buckley interview was a classic.

BlogExplosion's an interesting experiment thus far, as I've found several interesting blogs through it that agree with my position and temperament, but I'll at least give the others a few moments before clicking through to see if there's something that catches my eye. I've already caught several repeat showings of blogs, so I imagine the pool isn't all that big. It's certainly picked up some traffic, however, as to its overall usefulness, that remains to be seen. I certainly hope that some of the BlogExplosion readers will pick this up on their own, either through Blogmarks or searching for me.


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