Monday, January 17, 2005


Serves me right to be experimental.....

I've apparently hit a bit of a limitation (if you could call it that) with my Boss DD-20 digital delay pedal. I started working out Glass Harp's "Look In The Sky", and there are plenty of cool volume swell, almost tape reverse like effects on that song. Not being a huge one for manipulating the volume controls on the axe other than the volume shift to and from solos (although I can do the swells at the beginning of Roy Buchanan's version of "Sweet Dreams" on my Telecaster's volume control) I thought I'd try the reverse effect on the DD-20, and frankly, it sucked. If you set the delay long (around 1500 ms.) you can get something that approximates the Hendrix/Keaggy type reverse echo/swell bit, but it's just too long to play in time with. The Line6 Echo Park has a better sound (the Boss unfortunately glitches somewhat, so you get a tiny bit of the sound without the swell/reverse attack before the effect kicks in), but I'm loathe to spend another buck and a half on an effect that I'll rarely use. I'd probably rather get a Prescription Electronics Experience, since its swell effect is fairly well regarded and it's designed to dial in a Hendrix tone easily, but these are even more expensive, and I've got altogether too many effects as it is. No bargains on either on eBay at the moment, but there are other items on tap more interesting that will be reported on next week on the guitar front.

And if you really, really want to get pissed off at the nincompoops who pass for educators in this country, check out this article on "Anti-Racist Multicultural Math" at Gene Expression (and a big thanks to Emperor Misha at The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler for the pointer). Hmmm, last I looked algebra was actually from some of the liberal idiots' more beloved peoples (you know, the kind that thinks that splodeydope is a great career for their young'uns).


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