Saturday, January 15, 2005


Short Shrift Saturday

I'm rather pooped out from all of the infighting this week, so today's going to be a short post. Album du jour is "Dark Matter" by IQ, a nice little neo-prog effort. Pretty depressing story line, but the music is rather cool. Lots of Pink Floyd-ish bits, at a tempo that's a bit more exciting than the languidness preferred by Messrs. Gilmour, Waters et al. and some cool bits that remind me of early King Crimson (I'd swear they used the same Mellotron sound as on "Court Of The Crimson King"). There are bits evocative of ELP and Asia as well on this.

Briefly, we note the passing this week of Spencer Dryden, of the Jefferson Airplane and New Riders Of The Purple Sage. Dryden took over the Airplane's drum throne from the late Skip Spence, and once fired, was asked to remain briefly to help with transitioning new drummer Joey Covington into the band. Dryden refused. Dryden was also known for his role in the ongoing game of musical bedrooms played by the Airplane. Read "Got A Revolution" for some of the more salacious details if you must.


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