Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Tout le merde en meine gescheft

I ended up scrapping this morning's post as the phone started ringing very early on, and needless to say the client and the sales guys are engaged in a vicious round of finger pointing over the fact that what they want to do simply won't work. Now, I can bring a boatload of resources to almost any project, some of which even know what they're doing, but in this case resources who understand the internals of the beast we're trying to tame just aren't there. They've either fled for greener pastures or been replaced by guys named Sanjay who understand the lower levels of the technology stack and can't articulate anything beyond the config file parameters. Me, I'm not an SME in this particular solution, I know parts of it very well, but I wouldn't call myself the go-to guy on how to make this thing do stuff it was never designed to.

Needless to say when the shit hit the fan, the Blessed Sacrament needed to be performed. You got it, conference call. I've basically been on the phone doing my best motorboat imitation (But, but, but) while the Sales Guy tries to cover for his egregious promises to the client. Needless to say, even though I've done my part toward keeping this thing as inexpensive as possible (unless you count a couple of Macallans at the hotel bar), everyone is all hot and bothered by the simple fact It Won't Work. Problem here is a sense of proportion. If a $20M ERP installation goes south, that's something to get aggravated over. What this thing is, is a proof-of-concept. Funding was practically non-existent. Basically, all you had money for was a smoke test (in other words turn everything on and if smoke doesn't come out, you declare a huge victory; if it fails, well, back to the old drawing board).

Err, oh yeah. Marvin's image is used courtesy of Warner Brothers, and all copyrights are the property of their respective holders. Thank you, JL.....


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