Saturday, February 19, 2005


Corrupt, adj. In politics, holding an office of trust or profit

It seems that Lavasoft has backed off on its delisting of WhenU as spyware. This gentleman's comments on the Broadband Reports thread on the subject seem most sensible:

Besides There's much larger spyware problems out there Lavasoft is happy to detect, before you call anyone a sellout, At least give them time to explain themselves, I didn't agree with their decision to delete WHENU but I did take the time to look at their TAC and See that WhenU only scores a 1 pointer, However, yes it's extreemly annoying to gets ads popping up out of nowhere, which is what it does, but it doesnt phone home, it doesnt compromise security, it's like cydoor, Both extremly irritating, but Not gonna kill your dog.

I say that we just let them explain themselves... and be happy they readded insteead of everyone burning Ad-aware on their computers, because, how many times has adaware detected something most can't? I cant count about a dozen times Ive caught about 200 more objects (These are on clients pcs) then any other

The big problem of course is that the general public is unaware of the nuance between adware and spyware, since the general case for both involves the same symptoms (loads of unwanted pop-ups or pop-unders) and system slow downs. If we wanted to talk about removing adware entirely we could also talk about targeting Macromedia, as any number of news sites (CNN, New York Post, off the top of my head) use some form of Flash or Shockwave content which just happens to deliver a few randomly inserted ads into your viewing experience (ugh, how I hate that phraseology; reminds me of the theater chain owners who protest that pre-show commercials are part of the "experience", especially in the context of fighting legislation that would force them to publish the actual starting time of their crummy wares). The nuance is unimportant to the end-user or for that matter the administrator, as both need machines to be up and running on demand. I'd of course suggest using tools such as hpguru's hosts file and eDexter to block some of the egregrious phone-home crapware, but the old saw about prevention vs. cure is more than applicable here. Semantics in this case shouldn't affect the thousands of end-users plagued by this crap.*

The New Toy I've promised to chat about is an Epiphone Elitist Riviera 12-string in sunburst finish. My first rock concert was the Beach Boys at Madison Square Garden, circa Christmastime 1972. It was a great show, and I well remember seeing Carl's Epi and drooling over it. A reasonably priced one happened to pop up (I was really tempted by a new one at Musician's Friend, but being brutally honest about it, I'd only use it for a couple of numbers. I chatted briefly with our singer about Beach Boys songs, mentioning "God Only Knows", and she countered with "Don't Worry Baby"; certainly one of my favorites but way out of any vocal range I'm comfortable with. I'd really like to do "Sail On Sailor" - that was the second song the Beach Boys played that night, and it really was quite awesome - also well within my very limited vocal range). The guitar definitely needs a setup, as the action is too high and the intonation and truss rod need to be adjusted, but even played unplugged, it's got a nice chime. Not like a Rickenbacker, obviously much closer to an ES-335/12. It's a bit heavier than I expected, a touch heavier than my regular ES-335, but the balance is excellent (certainly better than most ES-335/12s I've played). The neck is a bit fatter than I expected as well, especially higher up, but then again, this guitar wouldn't be played much above the 12th fret anyway, so no problem there.

I'll have to dig out the Beach Boys' Knebworth DVD to play along with it. That DVD is a fairly good show (although Mike Love is his usual charming self) and is a bit of a milestone, as that's the last time all three Wilson brothers were on stage together. Apparently there were some technical glitches during the show and some songs didn't make it to the DVD (notably "Wouldn't It Be Nice"). I still think that the 1973 "In Concert" album represents the Beach Boys at their most interesting (although songs like "Surf's Up" and "Til I Die" aren't there), if not the most polished ("Good Vibrations" has kind of a rinky-dink sound on "In Concert", as opposed to the big sound on "Live In London"). "Live In London" is also an interesting document, with a big sound with a brass section. The opener of "Darlin'" is the best I've ever heard that song performed, likewise with "Do It Again". There are a couple of interesting obscurities like "Aren't You Glad". "God Only Knows" is very well done on the album as well, but the finale, "Barbara Ann" falls apart. "In Concert" takes the prize though, as it has definitive versions of "Don't Worry Baby" and "Sail On Sailor".


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