Monday, February 07, 2005


Cudgel, n. A medicine for external application to the head and shoulders of a fool

On the good news front, the 30-day test drive of SpySubtract (from Intermute, the current owners of CWShredder) seems to have cured the problem with the Mrs.' computer. It picked up a few folders and registry keys that were seemingly unrelated (I looked at them manually and there was nothing there that looked like any sort of redirector), but after a couple of scans in normal and safe mode, the beast looks slain.

A bit more research has shown that Megago's Delaware address is actually that of an outfit called "Delaware Registry", a company that facilitates incorporations in Delaware for tax purposes. One of Delaware Registry's services is mail forwarding for a small fee, payable in advance. However, process service will be forwarded to the client as part of their value add.

The State of Delaware provides the following information for free:

File Number: 3161680
Incorporation Date / Formation Date: 02/10/2000(mm/dd/yyyy)
Entity Name: MEGAGO.COM INC.
Entity Type: GENERAL
Residency: DOMESTIC
State: DE
County: SUSSEX
State: DE
Postal Code: 19958
Phone: (302)645-7400

The State of Delaware only will provide listings of recent filings and status online, no imaging of documents. If I want to actually find out the names and addresses of the directors of the corporation, I have to call the Delaware Division of Corporations to order a copy of an annual report, no doubt at some considerable expense.

Therein lies a minor rant. I have no doubt, since Delaware's Chancery Court has been known to be very defendant-friendly when the defendants have been Delaware corporations, that there is a bit of intentional obfuscation on the part of Delaware in making it difficult to quickly find out detailed information about corporations. There are many imaging solutions out there that could serve public inquiry needs, and this stuff can be sent to hierarchical storage to avoid the hassles of keeping it totally online. I wouldn't mind paying the ten or twenty bucks and waiting a minute or so for the info to be brought back up from a COLD system if I could get the detailed info quickly, without going through voice mail jail.

Of course, since any entity can form a corporation in Delaware, that means that another corporation could have formed Megago (and probably did), leading to the perception that any detailed detective work will stop dead at the receptionist's desk at any of these corporate agents and facilitators.

Megago's LA address is a Mail Boxes Etc. Why am I not surprised?

Digging into the matter a bit more, I find that the source of the original infection is a web site maintained by an outfit that registered the mistyped name that the Mrs. originally went to. The deliberate typo name was registered by someone in Gdansk, Poland, and registered, somewhat unsurprisingly by Tucows. The IP address comes up as being in Cogent's address space.

Finally, congratulations to the Patriots on their Super Bowl win. The first half, well, I've seen better games, but it spoke well for both teams' defense. The Eagles deserve kudos as well. Both Brady and McNabb are fine quarterbacks. And wasn't that the shortest version of "Hey Jude" ever performed during the halftime show (but Sir Paulie's band sounded great - I liked the way his guitarist pulled off the slide bit on "Drive My Car", with the slide on his ring finger no less)


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