Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Down for a few days

Some work and personal matters demand my full attention for the next two or three days, so it's likely there won't be any posts until Saturday (although it's possible I might have some bandwidth on Friday for a quick post), unless something extraordinary happens. No problems per se, just things that require my full attention.

Hamilton College got the message loud and clear about Ward Churchill's appearance, and undoubtedly the LLL will squawk loudly about the infringement of free speech. All together now, free speech does not equal license. Mr. Churchill has been exposed for the vicious bigot that he is, and it seems not entirely coincidental that there is a high correlation between service in an Ethnic Studies department and some form of prejudice against other ethnicities. His specious rants will undoubtedly be publicized for a brief period, then they will fade into leftist obscurity land.

Someone over at Fark is a pretty poor editor, as they greenlighted a link to a story about the woman in Germany allegedly being coerced into being a prostitute lest she lose her unemployment benefits. The link was to David Irving's site, a person who like Ward Churchill, is a nasty revisionist (and the admittedly forced pun is intentional). I suppose it's testimony to the poor excuse for an education that most people have, neither learning to read critically nor to analyze what is presented, thus nasty gobbledygook like which flows from sewers such as Ward Churchill and David Irving frequently reaches a wider audience. The wider audience will generally recognize the garbage for what it is, yet there's always the bell curve in action and some of those on the wrong side of the median will be exposed to yet another theory that validates their own crackpot existence, and possibly gains a convert for the spewers of hate.

Interesting blurb at CNET about Skype. Quite possible the ILECs will be very unhappy about this, once it becomes ubiquitously downloaded. I would imagine that you'll see traffic engineering designed to push Skype packets way down to the bottom of the priority queue on the routers.

Finally, decided to patz around with FreeBSD on VMWare to see if it's a worthy alternative to Linux. I've already run up against one limitation, FreeBSD 5.x doesn't work with VMWare Workstation 4.0.x, so I've decided to download 4.11 and see if that works out. The docs make X Server configuration look a tad unpleasant, sort of like in the early Linux distro days, but given that it's VMWare, I won't hurt the hardware. The next experiment will try Solaris X86 under VMWare, however, that one will surely prove problematic, as we'll need Linux emulation installed to run VMWare Tools, and I doubt that I'll get a totally satisfactory GUI out of it. I would imagine I'll have better luck with Solaris 8 than 9, but until I upgrade my VMWare to 4.5, I'm unsure of whether it'll even install.


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