Thursday, February 10, 2005


Exile n. One who serves his country by residing abroad, yet is not an ambassador

How could a dedicated Marxist (of the Groucho variety) like me omit Horsefeathers from the blogroll for so long? That egregious action is herewith rectified.

Stephen at Horsefeathers points us to some interesting (albeit unsurprising) information about the odious Ward Churchill. The money quote from Professor Edward Alexander about this latest ACLU poster boy -

...Churchill's scholarly reputation was based mainly on a squalid tract called A LITTLE MATTER OF GENOCIDE (1997), in which he argued that the murder of European Jews was not at all a "fixed policy objective of the Nazis," and accused Jews of seeking to monopolize for themselves all that beautiful Holocaust suffering that other groups would very much like, ex-post facto, to share. He argued that Jewish "exclusivism" had nearly erased from history the victims of other genocidal campaigns, and that Jewish scholars stressed the Holocaust in order to "construct a conceptual screen behind which to hide the realities of Israel's ongoing genocide against the Palestinian population." He not only likened Jewish scholars who have argued for the unique character of the Holocaust to neo-Nazi Holocaust deniers; he said that the Jews are worse than the latter-day Nazis because "those who deny the Holocaust, after all, focus their distortion upon one target. Those [Jewish scholars] who deny all holocausts other than that of the Jews have the same effect upon many."

I don't see any Jewish scholars denying other Holocausts. It's somewhat interesting that Mr. Churchill has nothing to say about Armenia, Cambodia or for that matter Darfur. Oh, that's right. His beloved freedom fighters who read the other kind of Marx (you know, the one who copped William M. Gaines' look) were the ones who pulled those little parties off.

It goes back to the culture of victimization. The Left loves victims. Heaven knows it's created plenty of them. Without victims, there's no excuse for the Left. It's the sort of thing that keeps arsonists like Jesse Jackson in business.

And then again, there was that little party in Wannsee that Churchill conveniently forgot about when denying that extermination of the Jews was Nazi policy. You know, the one that HBO did the movie about (and quite well, I might add. They actually filmed it where it happened). It's documented, pal. In their own words. Remember, the Boche were quite meticulous about keeping records. Nothing happened during that time frame in Festung Europa without approval from the top, so we can either "believe" Ward Churchill or Gudrun Burwitz that their idols had no such evil intentions. Some company you keep, Ward.

Interesting enough how most of Hitler's relatives who survived the war changed their name and kept a very low profile to distance themselves from their infamous kin. Perhaps they know something Ward Churchill doesn't.

Then again, I suspect that the average eight year old child has more common sense and understanding of history than Ward Churchill.

I suppose he will eventually disappear under a rock in the same manner as another odious academic, Leonard Jeffries. As long as he's being an attention whore, he's in the sights of all men of good will.

Stuff like this is what I'm paying into 529s for? I suppose that we will always be burdened with the likes of the curricula that spawn pseudo-intellectuals such as Churchill until such time as academe realizes that such courses of instruction do absolutely nothing to prepare a student for the real world, however, the mundane realities of the trading floor, back office, or other such wealth generating places are too "unempowering" for the likes of the professional victim.

Completely unrelated, I've added links in the template for some of the malware / hijack recovery tools and will keep those updated.


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