Friday, February 11, 2005


Idiot n. A member of a large and powerful tribe whose influence in human affairs has always been dominant and controlling

CNet reports the first spyware targeted toward Mozilla has been found in the wild. While not specifically targeted toward Firefox, it's a matter of time before Firefox-specific exploits are deployed. The article identifies the malware as a typical "Would you like to install after not reading our completely incomprehensible nonsense?" click and install affair, meaning the PEBKACs in my life who've converted to Firefox may be infected out of a mistaken belief they're immune to this sort of thing. The drive-by downloads are coming, folks. Throw a couple of shekels toward the AdAware and Spybot developers, or invest in BOClean or SpySubtract.

Speaking of BOClean, a minor rant to their owners at NSClean - fix your shopping cart's credit card validation system. It's obviously a known problem to you guys as you have that message "try again or wait 24 hours". I really need two more licenses....

Some observations on l'affaire Fiorina - two words beginning with 'L' should've given her the clue about the direction on the low-margin business, those words being "Lexmark" and "Lenovo". The bloatware accompanying some of HP's current printer line is horrid, and tech support, well, unfortunately I can't do my spot-on Punjabi accent for you (the thought of audio blogging is interesting, but with the phone ringing every two minutes it's hard to get a moment's peace to collect my thoughts; besides, being a basically cheap person and not wanting to cough up for dedicated hosting space, I really don't want to upload files to some low-rent free provider that will exhaust the minimal bandwidth allocation with 3 downloads). HP's high-end line has astonishingly poor penetration in my capital markets bailiwick, truth be told I only recall one major firm (now subsumed into another) running a single business unit's operations on the HP 9K series - years ago. Long since converted to Sun. There's some HP penetration at Colditz, but a lot of it is legacy stuff that is desperately in need of upgrades, but the business unit where those systems are located is a real backwater (although there is one positively crazy unterfuhrer there who thinks that Colditz revolves around his fiefdom, and that enterprise standards can cordially go and fuck themselves). I won't comment on the professional services division as I've had very little experience with them, but that in itself is a comment, as I've seen every major consulting firm and most of the boutiques in my travels, working with or at cross-purposes to them. I've never seen HP consultants on the ground at any of my clients, other than service techs.

Finally, a final thought on academia and l'affaire Churchill. These idiot academics have pushed concepts like deconstruction and revisionism, the latter term of course having been co-opted by neo-Nazis to prove a quote unquote scholarly base to their idiocies. Critical thinking and observation is one thing, but the entire concept of destroying and re-envisioning history is rather scary, as anyone who's seen how Soviet leaders got airbrushed out of pictures knows (which leads to a side observation - if you've ever seen the fantastically funny "One Two Three" with Jimmy Cagney, there's a scene in the Grand Hotel Potemkin in East Berlin where during some wild dancing by the ubiquitous busty secretary, the picture of Khrushchev falls down from the wall to reveal a portrait of Stalin. I definitely remember seeing this film on TV years ago and seeing the picture of Stalin fall, revealing a picture of Adolf. For some reason, that bit was cut from the VHS and DVD editions). The academics have made it acceptable to use threatening and confrontational language to get their viewpoint across destroying the base of knowledge and experience that has given us this period of prosperity. By doing so, they've empowered every tinhorn bigot out there, be it the "revisionist" or Ward Churchill, to attack people who bear no malice. Back in college, the leftist academics were a cute joke, they were friendly enough, and it was good to have an intellectual tussle with them in the cafeteria every so often. It isn't so funny anymore.


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