Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Impiety n. Your irreverence toward my deity

Update: It turned out to be the router (an SMC Barricade) after all. Replaced it with a Linksys and all's working well. Funny, it's usually the other way around where I see Linksys routers replaced with SMCs; the failure mode was really puzzling here, as you'd expect the thing to either completely work or completely fail when it came to DNS resolution - the only thing that would be in a home router would be a stub resolver anyway. But speaking of which, the fine folks at NTCanuck.com came up with a solution called TreeWalk DNS, which is a Win32 service based on BIND that will actually do iterative queries instead of just crapping out like the normal brain-dead MSFT client. I'm curious to try it in a corporate LAN environment to see if it handles that normally, or if it needs to be disabled. I'm sure most of my clients would be extremely unhappy to see a laptop querying ROOT-A from inside their networks.....

It turns out my frummie friend's laptop is fine. I brought it here over to Schloss Scheisse, plugged it into my router and voila, every site that couldn't be accessed before came up quickly and cleanly. We decided to try a new router just in case, and I sent my friend home with a care package from Staples. I've never heard of a home router rewriting DNS flag fields, so I doubt this'll work, but it's the last resort before screaming bloody murder to the cable company. However, my friend put me on the hook for writing a technical report about l'affaire just in case it has to go to the Public Service Commission. Brings up an interesting question in that I really wonder why there isn't some flag in the registry that could be set to allow iterative client queries. I know, stub resolvers keep things a lot less complicated, but it would be nice to have just in case your friendly local caching DNS server is farked, as I strongly suspect the server supporting my friend's subnet is.


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