Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Lavasoft Responds

While there's some grumbling on Broadband Reports, Lavasoft has issued a clarification on the WhenU removal fiasco. The response isn't a model of clarity, however, the idea of putting a standalone removal tool out for delisted spyware strikes me as an acceptable compromise for the short term. AdAware will remain in the arsenal.

I resisted putting Flash and Shockwave plugins into my PC for the longest time as I was well aware that advertisers were using those media to get around pop-up blockers, however, the delays and errors I was getting on a lot of the news pages was getting annoying (not to mention some of the funny stuff like the famous tech support satire that I almost missed). I finally yielded and sure enough the commercials infested my favorite news haunts. Even Firefox couldn't help, however, this Flash blocker plug-in for Firefox seems just the ticket. It blocks the Macromedia stuff when loading pages and replaces it with an icon, which you can click if you want the content.

Much bureaucracy and catchup with paperwork today and tomorrow. When I get through this patch I'll be a bit more loquacious and eloquent.....


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