Tuesday, February 15, 2005


Miscellaneous Inanities and Drivel

I've been somewhat remiss in catching the Sunday AM talking heads for some months now, so this transcript of Sunday's Meet The Press featuring Natan Sharansky sparring with Obergruppenfuhrer Buchanan was a bit of a treat to read. I'll have to start watching again, but tell the truth, the only show in the genre I find totally palatable is The McLaughlin Group.

Henry's at it again. According to this article, Gibson is suing Tokai amongst others for marketing, horror of horrors, a Les Paul copy. This is of course completely idiotic, as there've been Les Paul copies since the 50s (the Gretsch DuoJet being the most obvious example) and they've been down this road before with Ibanez and Tokai back in the 70s and 80s. Nevermind that Gibson produces their own quote unquote budget line in Japan (Orville) which could easily fool the non-cognoscenti. One of the points in the article is most interesting, claiming that the PRS Singlecut which started this latest round of Gibson insanity off was indistinguishable at first glance from a Les Paul. Spare me. And what of Heritage Guitars, the boutique formed by ex-Gibson types, are they in the sights as well? Henry must've had a tiny overreaction when he lost the trademark battle for "Elite" (Epiphone) with Ovation. Such is aggressiveness. Henry, one of these days you're going to drive Gibson out of business....

On the Digital Media front, there were several nag screens from Music Match Jukebox over the last few days to upgrade to version 10. Finding it extremely annoying after the 42nd time (I really never wanted Music Match to have the primary association with audio media types, but since I got the damn thing gratis I figured what the hell) I decided to push the button for the upgrade, then lo and behold, the damn thing stopped working. Apparently I'm not the only unsatisfied customer, as per this thread on Broadband Reports. At this point, Music Match adds no value to the experience so I've decided to bag it. Since I can burn CDs just fine with Windows Media Player, I have absolutely no need for MMJ. Bye-bye. It's rather instructive to see that since their installer is obviously not bulletproof, they're willing to release it and nag their users anyway. Had it not been for the CD burning deficiency in previous versions of WMP I wouldn't have bothered in the first place, as the damn thing added very little value when it was working. Other than some unintended interactions caused by Roxio when I tested it, I would never have even tried MMJ.

Finally, in the Unintended Hilarity Department, Mr. Gates is scheduled to give the keynote address at a security conference today. Bill's speech is entitled, "Security: Raising the Bar". After dealing with some of the security issues engendered by the MSFT paradigm, I usually need to spend quality time at a bar.


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