Saturday, February 19, 2005


Rickenbacker Pulls Guitar Center dealership!!!!

Original can be found here.

Rickenbacker Removes Guitar Center, Inc. From Authorized Dealer Roster

Rickenbacker notifies Guitar Center that they are no longer authorized dealers.

Santa Ana, February 18, 2005: Rickenbacker notified Guitar Center today that it would not accept further orders for Rickenbacker products, that all existing orders have been cancelled, and no further shipments would be made. All Guitar Center locations will soon be removed from Rickenbacker's list of authorized dealerships and dealer referral system.

Rickenbacker CEO John Hall commented, “It’s a sad day considering our long history, however, it has become increasingly apparent that our style of business is not compatible with that of Guitar Center’s. Their business model and support systems are designed to suit sales of commodity goods rather than craftsman-produced products like ours”. He went on to note that this policy will not apply to the Musician’s Friend unit of Guitar Center, which to date has remained under separate, autonomous management. He said, “We have a very positive relationship with Musician’s Friend and can only hope this success will not be affected: that’s up to management at Guitar Center to decide.”

Rickenbacker invented the modern electric guitar as it exists today in 1931 and remains the only major, original electric guitar maker to produce solely in the United States.

Apparently this has been brewing for a while, especially given GC's penchant for separating cases from guitars, as well as "losing" warranty cards. There's going to be some good reading on my favorite boards this weekend.....


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