Monday, February 21, 2005


Short Shrift Monday

A pretty tight schedule today, so probably not much blogging.

I'm playing with the skewering of the local issue that's the subject of most of my current wrath (at least until the work week kicks in and the Zoids and Droids that comprise management at Respected Employer start to raise the aggravation quotient), but being the annoying self-editor that I am, before I launch a broadside of this sort I will probably rework it another three or four times. Since reality is impinging upon this, it'll probably have to wait until later in the week (with my luck).

In the schadenfreude/Reines Vergnügen department, we note a certain personality (whom I've previously indicated my contempt for in these pages) has had her cell phone/PDA hacked. If you want to see the true decadence of American popular culture, the list of contacts can be found here. I'm sure that if the numbers were indeed legitimate they've already been changed or deactivated, and the possibility of this being a publicity stunt isn't totally remote, however, it does speak ill for the carrier and/or phone's security if there's a grain of truth in the matter, and also reinforces my decision to keep my PDA separate from my phone.

Comic courtesy of "Day By Day"


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