Thursday, February 10, 2005


Steven Den Beste

USS Clueless is indeed one of my three favorite blogs, and I was saddened to see Steven put it on indefinite hiatus. His few posted comments once he stopped regularly essaying indicated he had no desire to continue, and I chalked it up to blogger fatigue; after all, maintaining that level of incisive excellence on a daily basis, by both qualitative and quantitative measures must've been an incredible effort. I had hoped that after a long vacation Steven would reconsider and return, and have kept looking in occasionally, reading the archives for some bon mots and inspiration. Sad to say, based on these messages, Mr. Den Beste won't be resurrecting USS Clueless, ever. Since it's a health issue, I can only wish him the absolute best, and keep him in my prayers for a recovery. Steven's writing in large part inspired me to take keyboard in hand and pen this humble journal, and I want to publicly acknowledge and thank him for USS Clueless. I'm thankful that he's got enough energy to keep his anime blog going, and I wish him well with it, but the political blog scene won't be the same without him. Thanks, Steven.


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