Friday, February 04, 2005


Still Alive And Kicking

I'm writing this while listening to a dreadful conference call where some of the key participants are totally inaudible, and our Crack Sales Team is doing their level best to control the situation and manipulate things to their advantage. I had a minor medical procedure done yesterday and am still feeling the aftereffects, but since I got an emergency phone call that I simply must be on this call lest there be some cataclysmic impact (read as, the project is closing down, everybody knows It Ain't Gonna Work, but our Crack Sales Team simply can't pass up an opportunity to try to persuade the client to do something that will reflect positively on their P&L).

One of our Crack Sales Team has just made the extremely annoying point that he has Super Bowl tickets. This is the same person who likes to crow about his membership (provided through Respected Employer no doubt) at a very well known golf club (it's on the PGA tour) and being rather snarky about how often he gets to play (as I think of my very underused clubs and my astronomical handicap). The discussion has veered off topic at this point, now talking about a CRM system totally irrelevant to what we were trying to do, and it's also getting down to business processes (which they should've done in the first place).

Ask me if I care.


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