Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Beware The Ides Of March

An interesting article from an Indian news service paints this ahem, rosy picture:

The Lashkar-e-Toiba militants killed in an encounter at New Delhi on Saturday night planned to attack software companies in Bangalore besides Indian Military Academy in Dehra Dun, Delhi police said on Sunday.

The militants visited Bangalore in December last year and surveyed the location of several software companies there, joint commissioner of police (special cell) Karnal Singh told reporters.

"They planned to hit economic installations to hinder the economic development of the country," he said

Oh, isn't this just peachy keen for the outsource-niks. (and yes I know I should be saying offshore-niks, but it just sounds better for the unwashed masses to use the 'O' word). I can easily imagine the level of security built into the average campus in Bangalore isn't anywhere near what it is in the US (I can think of one major campus of a Large Financial Services Firm in what I'd call an exurban area, a solid 60, maybe 70 mile drive from the nearest big city, where everything is keycarded, including the rest rooms. I can understand the data centers, and perhaps keeping Compliance keycarded off - incidentally Compliance had no presence here, this operation was really unrelated to trading, banking or anything of the sort - but the can?) Of course, sectarian violence is a lot more common in Lower Outsourcia than it is say, in South Dakota but that didn't factor necessarily into the decision to locate operations there. The bean counters strike again. I wonder if someone decides to issue a little fatwa-gram that causes a regrettable incident in sunnier climes and there's insufficient resilience and recoverability, will the bean counters and consultants who advocate outsourcing decisions have their heads handed to them?

Blogger has been someone peripatetic today, so perhaps a shorter post than really warranted. I did see a mildly funny reference to certain splodeydopes as Osama E. Coyote along the way, a reference even a jaded sort as myself could appreciate. I was hoping to check out Eric Olsen's commentary on Blogcritics on the R&R Hall of Fame inductions, however, even Blogcritics has been a bit grumpy today.

A lady from The Jams And Jellying Fishwrapper called the other day to confirm my identity so that it was indeed me that penned the missive on the avocational area I mentioned the other day. Said young lady assured me that my minor commentary would indeed be published "in a couple of days", and as of yet, there's still no indication (in the online edition at least) that my scintillating observation has been published. I shant hold my breath.

Finally, I started taking a listen to the King Crimson box set, and the live tracks were actually pretty cool. It's actually put a minor bug in my ear about doing "In The Court Of The Crimson King", although I can't imagine my band doing this one (the live disc pulls it off amazingly, even given that it's a 1969 recording. The show also had The Nice and The Chambers Brothers on the bill).


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