Friday, March 04, 2005


On The Mend, On The Rag

Still on the mend from my procedure, however the good news is that the pain's subsided nicely and I haven't needed any heavy painkillers for a good 14 hours or so, so I suppose I'm slowly getting back to myself. A bit of trouble getting around still, but I've got all the necessities and conveniences close at hand, so I'm not terribly out of pocket.

I noted that some judge in Virginia dismissed one of the spamming convictions so highly touted back in November, quoting from the CNN report "saying he found no "rational basis" for the verdict and wondering if jurors were confused by technical evidence.". No rational basis, indeed. I've basically come to the conclusion that most jurists are idiots (with the notable exceptions of Justices Scalia and Thomas) and that this judge himself was likely confused by the whole affair. It's quite simple, really. Jessica DeGroot was an accessory to a crime committed by Jeremy Jaynes. She in some way facilitated his theft of service by misusing SMTP services. You don't have to explain the theory and practice of the internal combustion engine to jurors in a case of Grand Theft Auto, therefore explaining the mechanics of SMTP to jurors other than the basics needed to fairly judge the case isn't indicated.

As to Mr. Jaynes, Ralsky, Hawke, Marin and all the other leading spammers, the only thing that's going to stop them is some seriously bad medicine....

I'm in somewhat of a grumpy mood today....


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