Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Piping Hot Schadenfreude

When I happened across this today, I found it so deliciously ironic that it warranted a special midday post. To wit, a certain skanky personality who had a well-known privacy issue last week may have not been hacked. The juicy part:

Like many online service providers, T-Mobile.com requires users to answer a "secret question" if they forget their passwords. For Hilton's account, the secret question was "What is your favorite pet's name?" By correctly providing the answer, any internet user could change Hilton's password and freely access her account.

Needless to say, said skank's pet's name is quite well known, and it wouldn't take a specialist in high temperature laminar flow boundary layers to get past this elementary security measure and obtain the contents.

One time passwords, they work.....


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