Saturday, March 05, 2005


Piracy, n. Commerce without its folly-swaddles, just as God made it

Still a bit under the weather after the procedure, but it's getting better all the time. I should probably be a bit more mobile in the next day or two, and thus be a bit more inclined to pursue aggressive analysis of the human condition at that point.

Items of interest include a seriously nice looking rosewood Telecaster at Ishibashi sure to delight the George Harrison fan. Big things about this that might give pause to some folks is that it might just be a rosewood veneer on a basswood body as opposed to the rosewood / maple / rosewood sandwich on the "Let It Be" guitar, also that it's a stained maple neck with a rosewood board as opposed to the solid rosewood of the original, however, points in its favor are its price ($800), Fender Japan's high quality, Ishibashi's great service and frankly, from an audience perspective, it would take someone with hawkeyes to pick out the differences. Sonically, you could make the argument that the construction would make a difference in the sound, but if you're playing through a Leslie effect as on the single version, I don't think it really matters. Most sources have George playing through a silverface Twin Reverb at the time of "Let It Be" (they can be seen in the film) but there's quite a bit of crunch on the album version of the song that leads me to believe that might've been recorded with George's piggyback Bassman.

This tale of a gentleman being attacked by a chimpanzee is most cringeworthy, in that it seems that angry chimps tend to maul external reproductive organs of other primates. While exceedingly unfunny to the affected gentleman (and of course engendering a protective gesture) it perhaps explains certain things about a certain popular singer formerly known for harboring such a creature. The guys at NASA had plenty of stories about how nasty the chimps used for testing the Mercury capsules were, not to mention the story of how a latter day "Cheeta" in one of the last Tarzan films performed an unpleasantness on Lord Greystoke's interlocutor.

A quick perusal of Broadband Reports shows that many users are complaining of the same DNS issues afflicting my frummie friend, and that the ISP in question is about as responsive as the federal government is when it comes to stopping illegal immigration. Time for a call to the Public Service Commission to get the issue resolved (presumably, since it's a cable company)

Posting will still be irregular for another couple of days as I come back to myself....


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