Saturday, March 26, 2005


Quote With Some Comment Department

From this morning's Sulzberger Entity editorial page:

Many of the problems that have tarnished the U.N.'s reputation in recent years have been self-inflicted, including the scandalous maladministration of the oil-for-food program and the sexual assaults committed by U.N. peacekeepers in Congo.

Pas des merde, Sherlock.

But the overriding problem has been Washington's virtually unremitting hostility. The United Nations simply cannot function effectively when it is being cold-shouldered by its most powerful member and largest financial contributor.

Uh, if they were being cold-shouldered, Con Edison would've turned off the lights and heat by now (not that there's anything wrong with that). Rather than pontificate, as the Times seems to think that actually works, we simply call it as we see it. The place is a cesspool inhabited by a bunch of third-world toadies who only want to settle their tribal grievances with weapons that produce fallout.

Not all of Mr. Annan's specific suggestions will be popular in Washington. But by helping to negotiate a strong international consensus behind a meaningful set of reform proposals, President Bush can give substance to his repeated vows to work more cooperatively with other nations in his second term.

You mean like la belle France?

For all of the Times' bashing of the US, they never seemed to read an article I saw in one of the other NY tabloids a couple of years ago. Since everybody seems to be wanting to come to the US to work and make their fortune, a couple of reporters started calling consulates of various third world cesspools to see what it would take to immigrate to their worthy paradises. Needless to say, the reactions were on the order of "you want to move to our country?????". Very few of them even had procedures in place for such a thing. And if you want to see just how generous and civilized the rest of the world is, try being a regular solid citizen and asking about immigration - you'll be very low priority. Put a keffiyah on, and you move to the top of the list.

As far as the French go, just consider the reason the Champs Elysees has trees planted on both sides of the street. The Germans can always march in the shade.....


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