Monday, March 28, 2005


Reality, n. The dream of a mad philosopher

Major Investment Bank Madness consumes this week. It involves a cool project from my standpoint, with lots of computer horsepower and bandwidth (Accept No SubstituteTM), however, unfortunately, more of our Crack Sales Team is involved. I happened to run across one of these characters a couple of years ago, and we had a rather interesting meeting with said character and a C-level type. The C-level guy was very interested in hearing about my experiences at Stalag 13, and being a typical person in his position was uninterested in anything other than the matter at hand, to wit how Stalag 13 did certain things, how I helped them do it, and how I could help them do it. Crack Salesperson wanted to sell a much more lucrative product than your humble writer's knowledge, and was told to keep quiet and not bring up any other deals during the meeting, resulting in a hurt look. That deal was killed over an internal turf war, and I strongly suspect that said internal turf war is still going on. Fortunately, we do present One Face To The Customer (ahem) so that shouldn't affect perceptions all that much (I hope), but then again, Ich bin einfacher soldat in die gesellchaftkrieg....

Album du jour is Skip Regan's "Welcome To My Head", a cool little home-brewed album with lots of Hendrix-flavored licks. Especially recommended are the title track, "Into A Dream", "Spontaneous Combustion" and "Pain". It's got all your favorite out-of-phase Strat tones, univibe, wah, reverse effects and fuzz to give you an acid flashback.


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