Thursday, March 10, 2005


Scribbler, n. A professional writer whose views are antagonistic to one's own.

Yes, I'm still here.

Trying to get back up to speed with work and all of the nastiness that it implies, needless to say that even though everyone at work is quite well aware that I'm still recovering from my procedure, the administrivia and pressure keeps coming (needless to say as I look for a new Esteemed Client or attempt to book further business at an old Esteemed Client), the pressure has been turned up to get myself doing something quickly despite the fact my recovery is still a work in progress (I'm getting around, with some residual nasty pains here and there. I'm guessing anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks more until I'm fully back to myself). Ecce vitae...

I caught a minor factual error in the local newspaper yesterday, and seeing as it was in an avocational area I consider myself somewhat learned in, I promptly fired off a missive to the editor correcting the error (and amazingly enough for me, I was actually polite and didn't cast aspersions on the scholarship, integrity or lineage of the author). I received a note back from their editorial staffer saying that they indeed would publish said missive, however, it was too long for their standards (three hundred words maximum for a Letter To The Editor) and would I please edit it down. Now, if you've been reading these pages for a while, you've noticed that I tend to take a somewhat pedagogic or Socratic style in explaining issues that I might care to expound upon, and that I will generally support them with facts prior to imposing my viewpoint on my readers. Needless to say, said issue required some explanation of the background of the events in question (which I assure you is esoteric enough to bore everyone but certain hobbyists to tears) but because I generally dislike pontificating without having tons of supporting rhetoric (or in this case, actual facts) I found the final edited product (which came out to 270 words) to be most unsatisfying. The amusing thing is that this stands a pretty fair chance of being published (and in line with my desire for anonymity, I shan't point you towards it, nor give any clues other than what you read here).

In many ways, I'm my own worst critic. I've taken a look at stuff I've written over the years and cannot believe that I've actually put pen to paper and come up with such drivel, yet for some reason my writing does indeed have its fans (one deliverable I wrote for a very prominent investment bank had the reviewer so engrossed that he actually missed his train station while reading it).

Three hundred words? I'm just getting warmed up in 300.

Posting may be irregular until Monday. By that point all of the nonsense and pain should be quite manageable, so bear with me a bit. Next week, back to a full schedule of venom.


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