Thursday, March 24, 2005


Slightly Diluted Venom

Line 6 are on my zoid-list due to their asking you to register to see their manuals. Not to belabor the point, but if you want to buy a product, access to the manual is an important pre-sales step, as it'll give the end-user a pretty good idea of what he or she's getting themselves into. I get enough spam that I can deal with the odd email from Line 6 (even though I specifically made sure to opt out from any obvious CRM stuff there), but I'm still annoyed that I had to give them the contact info just to take a look at a darn manual. I was specifically interested in two toys by Line 6, the Echo Park delay pedal (I have no need for a delay pedal given my Boss DD-20, but I'm not terribly happy with its reverse delay; the Echo Park had a pretty nifty reverse delay when I heard it at Guitar Center a few months back), and the Pro ProXT Live. I like the floorboard paradigm, and something with a bit more granularity on the settings than my Boss ME-50 might be just the ticket. Then again, it's $400, and the ME-50 has given me quite nice tones, and I already have a Pod 2.0 if I'm absolutely jonesing for amp emulation, so it seems like an unnecessary expense (especially since the ProXT Live includes a connection for the Variax, which I'm very unlikely to ever want).

I wanted to stay out of the Terri Schiavo maelstrom for the simple reason that a lot of people far more eloquent than I have expressed their opinions so adding to the noise level is unnecessary, however, it's bothered me to the point that I have to say something. Put simply, Jewish law and custom recognizes the concept of medical futility, however, the tradition is that all life, even one lived in pain, has intrinsic value. These are my values, and frankly, I haven't heard any convincing evidence that Terri is anything more than cognitively disabled, therefore I don't see a case of medical futility here. I might be wrong, and since all I'm getting is from every media source with its own agenda, I don't have enough information to make any judgment call other than a life is in danger, and that innocent life has an intrinsic value.

In the mild amusement factor department, Enterainment Weekly has enumerated their opinion of the 20 best Monty Python sketches. To be brutally honest, are these people on drugs, I mean, come on, Spanish Inquisition as #1? And Ministry of Silly Walks better than Dead Parrot? And what about The Bishop, or The North Minehead By-Election?

Finally, RIP Rod Price of Foghat.


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