Wednesday, March 30, 2005


We're Back

Blogger finally put up a post on saying that the system dyspepsia of the last couple of days was caused by a bad kernel upgrade rolled out across the infrastructure (uhhh, hello, have we heard of relatively obscure concepts called integration and load testing?), so a rollback has gotten us back to previous status quo. I didn't realize they were using Tomcat as an application server until I saw some of the errors generated over the last couple of days, but then again it makes sense. The license fees for WebLogic or WebSphere would kill them on a scale such as this.

Some interesting talk on Broadband Reports yesterday of the UN trying position the ITU to take over some of ICANN's role, you know, for a more global approach to things. Of course, if the ITU weren't part of the UN, there probably would be more support for them getting involved, as they've done much good over the years (and they long predate that cesspool on Turtle Bay, one should remember), however, the very fact that the UN has administrative authority over the ITU nixes the idea as far as we're concerned. I mean, look at how well they've done in Darfur and with Oil For Food, for crying out loud? (Then again, most of the General Assembly is populated with rattle shakers who believe in evil spirits, for whom anything more abstract than voice mail is an indication of a conspiracy against them, so what do you expect?). Reminds me of one of the more delicious jokes out there about New York City's bid for the Olympics. The next time they tell you how easy it will be to get to the new stadium by the new extension of the number 7 line on the IRT, ask the MTA how it's doing with the Second Avenue Subway (for the non-cognoscenti, the Second Avenue Subway has been planned for something like sixty-five years, and actually has all of about eight blocks' worth dug. The MTA has decided in its infinite wisdom to reroute the trains proceeding downtown over to the Lexington Avenue IRT somewhere in the vicinity of 59th Street, rendering the line completely useless).

Administriva consumes the next two days, so I shall be a touch less loquacious than usual.


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