Thursday, April 21, 2005


Assorted Ephemera

Archipelago merging with the NYSE. About time. SuperDOT is showing its age. Interesting business scenario, almost like an insurance demutualization in the handing over of equity to the owners (in this case seat holders instead of policy holders). The interesting question is what will happen to two stalwarts of the open floor, the two-dollar broker, and the specialists. Going to an electronic paradigm will minimize the need for the two-dollar broker, probably eliminate it. The specialists are another story, since they (at least in theory) maintain orderly markets, and by going to a newer paradigm, they might not be able to react quickly enough to perform that function. Fascinating scenario - I'd love to get involved in a project such as this. It'll certainly make life very interesting for the market data providers.

While channel surfing the other night, I came across a cute comedy called "The Party". I'd never seen it before, but when I tuned in I got Peter Sellers doing a broad Punjabi accent, and the ever-droolable-over Claudine Longet in a towel. Not to mention an oddball Morgan (an English kit car with three wheels, two in front, one in back. I never understood the odd European predilection for three-wheeled cars and trucks, remembering things like the Unimog; surely thrifty on petrol, but horrendous from the driving and safety aspects). I might actually pick up this DVD (there are a bunch of character actors in there I recognize but can't name off the top of my head; the only other cast member I can cite was Gavin McLeod of Mary Tyler Moore show fame). Lots of silly sight gags, totally dated of course, but the combination of deflating Hollywood pomposity, phony Indian accents and one of the great hotties of all time may make me pick it up.

Speaking of said trigger-happy hottie, a couple of useless trivia points. You might remember the memorable Saturday Night Live skit about the Claudine Longet Invitational ski meet, where of course footage of various skiers was accompanied by gunshots; by an interesting coincidence, that skit was aired on the same show where Lorne Michaels made his famous $3000 offer to the Beatles to reunite (and as both John and Paul confirmed, they were together watching the show, and almost made their way down to the studio to call him on it). The other interesting point was that I thought that Ms. Longet had only appeared in the McHale's Navy movie, but she's credited with a couple of appearances on the series as well. Her recordings are interesting lounge type stuff, with a couple of covers that make me vacillate between laughing and actually being interested. Her cover of "Here There and Everywhere" was painful, but her breathy proto-Olivia Newton-John cover of "God Only Knows" actually was pretty good.

Time for a drool.....


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